artificial flowers

artificial flowers
• tekokukat

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  • Artificial flower — Artificial flowers and imitations of natural flowers are sometimes made for scientific purposes (the collection of glass flowers at Harvard University, for example, which illustrates the flora of the United States), but more often as articles of… …   Wikipedia

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  • artificial — artificially, adv. artificialness, n. /ahr teuh fish euhl/, adj. 1. made by human skill; produced by humans (opposed to natural): artificial flowers. 2. imitation; simulated; sham: artificial vanilla flavoring. 3. lacking naturalness or… …   Universalium

  • artificial — ar|ti|fi|cial [ ,artı fıʃl ] adjective ** 1. ) made by people and used instead of something natural: The growers use both natural and artificial light. The product contains no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. a ) made by people to… …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

  • artificial */*/ — UK [ˌɑː(r)tɪˈfɪʃ(ə)l] / US [ˌɑrtɪˈfɪʃ(ə)l] adjective 1) a) made by people and used instead of something natural The growers use both natural and artificial light. The product contains no artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives. b) made by… …   English dictionary

  • artificial — ar|ti|fi|cial S3 [ˌa:tıˈfıʃəl US ˌa:r ] adj [usually before noun] [Date: 1300 1400; : Old French; Origin: artificiel, from Latin artificialis, from artificium; ARTIFICE] 1.) not real or not made of natural things but made to be like something… …   Dictionary of contemporary English

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  • artificial — adjective 1) artificial flowers Syn: synthetic, fake, imitation, mock, ersatz, faux, substitute, replica, reproduction; man made, manufactured, fabricated, inorganic; plastic; informal pretend, phony …   Thesaurus of popular words